Dedicated Windows Hosting

Windows Dedicated Server facilitating offers assets to keep up your sites that are spread crosswise over different web servers. Every server over cloud drives a specific arrangement of the task and in case of server failure; different servers incidentally kick-in as a backup to render the necessary assets. Dedicated Windows server hosting diminishes the odds of any vacation if there should be an occurrence of a server glitch during the natural disaster. Windows hosting incorporates distinctive dedicated servers that enable you to oversee remaining tusks in peak-traffic hours with no transfer speed issues.

A dedicated server is a solitary PC in a system saved for serving the requirements of the system. It enables you to scale your frameworks as you develop your business, offer complex online services and arrangements and deal with your system and data.

Boost-up your Application and services with quick Windows Dedicated Servers with Cyberzoomlabs. Our Windows Dedicated Server Hosting arrangement is influential enough for high-intensity workloads with limitless traffic included. Complete service access means full power of your Windows Dedicated Server with 99.99% uptime. Our Windows Servers accompany basic management services for free.

Features our Windows Dedicated Server incorporates:
  • Server security with Windows Firewall & IPsec Policy.
  • IIS Web Server, MSSQL express, MySQL, FTP Server, and DNS Server.
  • Windows Server (Entire edition)
  • Parallels Plesk Control Panel.
  • Includes Professional Mail Server.
Network Specifications
  • Completely Redundant Network with ZERO Point of Failure.
  • Multi-Layered Network Security.
  • Great Network capacity
  • Multiple Bandwidth Providers
Benefits of Windows Dedicated servers:
  • Customizable Server to suit various Operating Systems
  • Full Control over the Virtual Environment
  • Strong Disaster Recovery Cloud Solutions
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Reduced Hardware Expenditure
  • Mutual approach to Cloud-based workflow and file distribution applications
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Storage and Server
Why Cyberzoomlabs for Windows Dedicated Server?

We give simple to-utilize the management devices and nonstop live support to help make organization and backing exceptionally direct. Our Windows Server facilitating services represent total customization over server apparatuses required for your business needs.

Our adaptable Windows web hosting arrangements are equipped for hosting simple or intricate content on a Windows server. Dedicated Windows Server keeps you bother free from support and administration. With the extensibility of the Windows platform, we can convey an industry and necessity explicit solution for your needs. With the speed and toughness related to Dedicated Windows server hosting, we confirm that superior parameters are met with our master backing and organization.